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Are you experiencing problems with your internet speed? Do you have issues getting strong and fast coverage in your property, or, have you just had a new broadband line installed but you don’t know how to setup your equipment?

Why You Should Use That WiFi Guy

We understand how precious your time is, you have work and home commitments that do not allow you to search on Google and YouTube trying to figure out how all this equipment is supposed to work or what equipment you need to get the fastest speeds and best coverage.

Let us help with all your connectivity issues. With over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, we’re perfectly equipped to come to the rescue. We can usually attend within 24 hours no matter where you are in the UK.

If your problem is urgent, we can assist with our out of hours 24/7 emergency attendance option, think of us as your connectivity emergency service. So, if your WiFi fails when there’s an urgent work-related deadline, or if your children need to get that last minute coursework completed for an exam we’re here to help.

We’re not fazed by any WiFi problem

We’ve seen it all, and we’ve fixed it all. We carry a large inventory of products and tools that will help identify, improve, and optimise your existing WiFi, and should you have a faulty piece of equipment we can usually replace and install there and then.

Even though our service is premium, our prices are not, we will treat your property as if it’s our own and always do our utmost to complete the work quickly and professionally.

When installing WiFi there is not a single system that is a one type fits all solution, fortunately we are fluent in all variations and nuances that are required to provide a fast, secure, and reliable WiFi system.

If you’re moving or refurbishing a new property without any broadband connection or WiFi let us organise everything for you

We can arrange for a broadband line with the best provider in your area, we will design and install a WiFi system that allows you to get the most from your internet connection, we can even provide a temporary solution whilst you’re waiting for your line to be connected.

Whether you’re in a 1 bedroom apartment, a large home, need your WiFi to extend to your garden office/gym it’s all child’s play to us. Our services not only cover residential properties but also extends to offices and retail premises. You can be sure that our networks are designed with high speed, excellent reliability, great coverage, and the best security available.

Ensure Privacy & Security

Streaming Access & Speed

Fully Encrypted Internet

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About That Wifi Guy

We partner with many different vendors, all of the highest quality

We have fully tested the products we supply, they’re proven in the field so that we can provide you the very best equipment for your needs and tailored to your budget. However, if you already have existing equipment that is suitable and working, we will do our utmost to utilise it to the best of its ability for your scenario.

Not only does this save you money but it also fulfils our aim to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. We will also remove any old equipment and packaging and recycle it where viable.